People have been writing ever since the dawn of mankind, beginning with carving letters in stones, rocks, walls. The concept of literature itself goes back many thousands of years since man learned that the power of words can essentially change how people perceive the world. Many pieces of good literature have withstood the test of time and are now preserved as relics in the modern world.

When it comes to writing creative literature, many authors have bestowed their knowledge and skills upon the world, essentially making a great impact in the minds who read them. But how does one become good at writing literature?

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Well, everybody has heard how a person can improve upon any skill by practicing but there is something called natural gift by birth which largely influences at the kind of work person can excel on. Sure, practicing can make you go from a mediocre writer to an expert writer, but some people are born with the natural talent to become expert writers in much shorter periods.

Does this mean you should stop your daily grind? Not! Having our minds focused on a task makes us motivated to accomplish things in life, and in this case, can lead to you becoming a genius writer.

The secret key to creativity

While you may be bleeding your heart out and taxing your brains to the full extent, trying to finish work on that writer’s block, many budding authors forget that taking a break is also important. In all creative fields like writing, painting, music, etc. our brain needs significantly more time to relax and become accommodative to new ideas.

This is because unlike work that requires less creativity but technical knowledge; there comes a time when the brain runs out of its creative juices leaving you high and dry in the desperate pit of writer’s block. So, keep in mind that regular breaks are good, vacations are even better if you want to get those creative juices flowing again.

Fiction versus Non-Fiction

Whatever yhnkmb52werd5t26wd7our niche may be, it has probably become clear by now that requires a lot more work and creativity to create a work of fiction. The reason being that most components of fiction writing have to be jotted down by the author himself without taking any extra help from other reference material.

Some of the best creative fiction writers like Murakami, Harper Lee, Leo Tolstoy, and even Shakespeare had to practice to make their work go global. So what’s stopping you?