Services Offered By A Dentist

Dental Technology

The dental care field is a vibrant sector of healthcare. Dental care is a delicate area should be devoid of any mistakes during the various procedures offered. Patients are very sensitive when settling for a dentist.

A dentist`s track record regarding successful procedures conducted is vital. Cosmetic and General Dentist in Hammond offer professional services in the area and beyond. There are many services provided by a dentist.



These services are grouped into certain general categories. These classes include

  • Restorative Dentistry
  • General Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Dental Technology

Restorative Dentistry

This category of dental care deals with the study and analysis of ailments found inside the teeth. The dentist thenDentistry conducts restoration of the deformities detected to practical and appealing requirements advanced by the client. Restorative dentistry has some procedures that are offered by the dentist. These are:

  • Root canals; is a process that entails extraction of damaged pulp from the tooth
  • White filling is a process that involves filling voids in the teeth using white colored composites
  • Crowns and Bridges; is a procedure employed in dental restoration. It is done by replacing missing teeth with synthetic ones next to natural teeth.
  • Gum treatment; a non-surgical procedure is usually used to treat inflammatory gums that might affect the bones adjacent to the teeth.

General Dentistry

This category of dental care involves the provision of general services related to teeth hygiene and oral care. The dentist identifies the problems in the teeth and offers recommendations to the patients. This category has the following procedures

  • Oral health; the dentist assists the clients with the recommended methods of maintaining oral hygiene to prevent dental problems
  • Extractions entail removal of teeth that are problematic to the patient. This process includes extraction of the wisdom tooth
  • Sealants. A procedure that involves using dental sealants to cover pits in the teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry

This category of dental care includes the improvement of the dental appearance of the client. The service rendered, often, does not require treatment of any deformity in the teeth. The procedures involved in this category focus on teeth alignment, color, and size. These methods include

  • Teeth whitening; entails cleaning of the teeth to restore the initial white color
  • Implant restorations; this procedure uses dental implants to restore missing teeth
  • Bonding is a procedure that improves the appearance of the tooth by use of certain resin material
  • Veneers; this method involves covering teeth with particular material (veneers) to improve the appearance

Dental Technology

Dental TechnologyThis aspect of dentistry entails the use of state of the art technology to provide dental care. There are several technological methods in this category. These are

  • Digital X-rays is a procedure where enhanced images are screened for better treatment
  • Intraoral Imaging is a process where the imaging tool is located inside the patient’s mouth
  • Sedation dentistry is the process that entails administering of sedatives to patients before treatment