Eight Reasons to Switch to E-Cigarettes


Most of the people that decide to switch to e-cigarettes are already frequent smokers of tobacco. If you are going through this post, then the odds are that you are among them and you are looking for reasons to start using electronic cigarettes as an alternative. However, since this product is still new in the market, most people do not know more about its benefits. Discussed below are some of the reasons why you should switch to e-cigarettes.



E-cigs are safer than traditional cigarettes because they do not have an open flame. This makes them less harmful than traditional cigarettes. If you want to minimize the odds of fires in your home, you should start using vapes.


E-cigarettes are very cheap. You might spend lots of cash when buying a starter kit, but your monthly costs will be lower. The cost of e-cigarettes is high because of parts like the battery and atomizer. However, you can get them for less than $50. Furthermore, traditional e-cigarettes are not taxed in some areas like traditional cigarettes. The cost of e-cigarettes will continue to fall as technology progresses.


Electronic cigarettes do not have any odor. A huge fraction of people want to quit smoking because it is linked to dangerous diseases, but they also want to get rid of smoking because the smell is awful. You cannot escape the smell of traditional cigarettes if you are a smoker as it clings on everything it touches like your hair and clothing. The ugly truth is that the smell is offensive for smokers to withstand. Avid smokers can be around the smell without complaints. When you smoke E-cigarettes, you exhale vapor unlike when you smoke traditional cigarettes. The vapor evaporates quickly, and most people say that e-cigs do not have a smell.

Easy to Use

putting e-juice in a vape

Electronic cigarettes are user-friendly because they use modern technology. Most come with two pieces to ensure that you do not have a challenging time fixing it before you start puffing. In most e-cigarettes, the battery is activated automatically to create the vapor that comes out of your mouth when you exhale.

Choose Strength

You can decide the strength of the e-cigarettes that you smoke. The strength of your e-cigs will depend on your requirements. If you are trying to stop smoking, then you can start with a 20 mg cartridge and scale down gradually until you can stay without nicotine.

vape smokingNo Stained Teeth

Traditional cigarettes will stain your teeth and lead to dental disorders. For this reason, you should try as much as possible to stay away from them. Otherwise, you might lose your teeth or get oral cancer that can kill. Stained teeth will ruin your looks and might prevent you from getting employment opportunities or meeting new people.

Different Flavors

You will come across different e-cigarette flavors to make your vaping experience more interesting. Try out different e-liquid flavors from multiple brands before choosing your favorite.